Pinhole: France

Pinhole photography appeals to me because it moves the viewer into the realm of dreams and the unconscious. As technology has re-defined my art form, I find myself going backward in photographic time, perhaps to escape from the megapixels, predictability and immediate gratification that photographers now seem to embrace. Pinhole photography is mystical. One might get a coherent image with a pinhole camea, but sometimes, because there is no viewfinder, one really has no idea what the picture will look like until the film is developed. So there is also the element of surprise. I use a zone-plate pinhole camera crafted by a man named Zernike from Hong Kong. The zone plate allows for the soft focus. The photographs in France were taken in 2006 from the terrace of a little house in Ners, in the Languedoc. I left my camera on a tripod and moved it around as the mood struck. The photographs in Turkey were taken in 2007 in the Istanbul grand bazaar.